Fågeljakt Blekinge


1 Day bird hunting

for 12 persons.

Meeting in the morning with briefing/breakfast. Then 6-8 drives of game, groves and ponds for mainly pheasant, partridge and ducks. Lunch.

The hunt continues after lunch and we finish with a game parade and refreshments.

Suitable group 12 people.

Bag about 250 birds / 3 shot rule.

Pris per person för detta upplägg pp 10500:-

Extra fågel 550:- st.

VAT will be added at invoicing

For more information please send an inquiry by email.


1 Day Rough shooting

A classic Rough Shooting on pheasant, partridge, duck, rabbit and deer is a very popular form of hunting. The hunt is very social and offers many shooting opportunities on a variety of species for participants.

The hunt itself takes place in the open but broken landscape . These lands have a varied biotope with a lot of edge zones, ponds, groves, woods and bushes which make it ideal for small game.

During the day we also do upland hunting for ducks in ponds and end the day with a nice evening hunt.

On the ground there is and extensive game management and game releases, all to guarantee you and your friends an enjoyable day of hunting!

The hunt is suitable for a small party of 6 people. We accept both group and single bookings.

Welcome to join us!

Two days hunting arrangement!

Drevjakt på klövvilt och fågel 2024

Hunting package for 12 people.

You arrive the evening before with a joint briefing on the hunt, and a light meal is served.

Hunting day 1:
Breakfast at 06:45. Assembly for the hunting at 07:30
Lunch will be served between the 2nd and 3rd drive
The hunting day ends with dinner in the hunting lodge.

Game included, Elk (if allotment remains) Crown and fallow deer, roe deer, wild boar, fox
Large sows over 80kg are protected, if shot there is an extra charge of 5000:-

Lunch will be served mid-day, and the day will end with a game parade.

In the evening a good dinner is served.

Hunting day 2:
Breakfast at 08:00
Fågeljakten startar kl 09:00, 250 fågel ingår.
5-6 bird drives with lunch at 12:00
Hunting day ends with refreshments and hunting parade

Pris för detta upplägg för 12 pers 16 500:- pp
VAT will be added