Brokamåla Farm

Welcome to our wonderful world!

In Sweden's southernmost wilderness, you can enjoy fishing, activities, conferences and high class accommodation!

In the "Lake district" in western Blekinge, you can enjoy pure relaxation, nature experiences or nice activities, the choice is yours.

Spending time in the forest, listening to the silence, fishing, hiking or picking mushrooms is an unbeatable nature experience. Being in nature also increases our well-being and strengthens our health. For many people, silence and stillness have disappeared. At Brokamåla Farm, Sweden's southernmost wilderness, there is exactly what many people lack and need.

We can offer you a wonderful and relaxing stay. Here you have access to more than 25 lakes, with fine accommodation, exclusive noble fishing in natural surroundings, boats, swimming, and fine hiking areas. Why not enjoy this during all four seasons with us at Brokamåla Farm.

The cottages are located in a beautiful farm and wilderness environment in northwestern Blekinge, dating back to the late 1700s.

A warm welcome to us!


Brokamåla Farm is located among forests and lakes in western Blekinge. A relaxing oasis in the middle of the forest.

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