• Brio Toy Museum (45 Km)
    Appreciated by children and adults alike. Here you can play with extensive BRIO train systems and build almost anything you want with BRIO Builder. Explore the history of BRIO toys.

  • Brocenter - Car & Vehicle Museum ( 6.0 Km )
    Visitors from countries all over the world come to view one of the best private collections of Volvo cars.

  • Boa Olofström Golf Club ( 14 Km )
    A wonderful golf experience in the beautiful nature of Blekinge, Sweden's garden.

  • Boat trip with Ms / Immeln ( 21 Km )
    Lake Immeln. Summer cruise in Skåne's only archipelago with M/S Immeln.

  • Ebbemåla Factory / Foundry ( 21 Km )
    A unique, living technical and cultural-historical visitor destination with the entire genuine industrial environment from 1850-1950 preserved.

  • The Glass Kingdom ( 100 Km )
    The Glass Kingdom has been producing mouth-blown glass since 1742. Today, visitors can find both industrial and art glass of world-class quality and are welcome to visit the glass furnaces to see how it is made!

  • Harasjömåla Fly Fishing ( 1,5 km )
    Harasjömåla includes about 25 natural lakes open to sport fishing for rainbow trout, trout, pike, perch and whitefish. There is also an artificial running water of 1.1 km open for fly fishing - The Flystream.

  • Bumble Bee Farm - Näsum ( 17 Km )
    Hops are grown here and are a climbing plant. It is allowed to grow around stakes that are about 6-7 metres high. Hops are then dried for use in the production of beer. Here you can buy the local beer Näsumaöl.

  • Ikea – Älmhult ( 45 Km )
    Multinational furniture company founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad. The nearest department store is in Älmhult.

  • Jämshög Guest House ( 8 Km )
    Has been in operation since 1888. Enjoy good food, peace and beautiful scenery.

  • Jämshög Countryside Museum ( 8 Km )
    Harry Martinson's unique collections and Sven Edvin Salje's writers' room. There is also the Olofström Municipality School Museum which shows the old school's interior and many of the audio-visual aids of the time, the school plans.

  • Kreativum - Karlshamn ( 40 Km )
    Kreativum is a Science Center for the curious of all ages, a fantastic house filled with the joy of discovery and aha-experiences. Kreativum is more than 2000 sqm of experiences with about 170 "try-on" stations. A wide range of activities can be found here!

  • Kyrkhult Countryside Museum ( 15 Km )
    The medical mansion has been a local museum since 1982. The museum reflects, among other things, the era of Tulseboda as well, the activities of the local community association, various crafts, trade, the village, the church, old photographic equipment and a cine projector from 1906.
    The old boatswain's cottage next door contains a variety of old household items.

  • Lyktan Dance Place - Vilshult ( 14 Km )
    Fun and mature dancing all summer.

  • Tourist office - Olofström ( 6.0 Km ) Visit Olofström