Outdoors Cooking

Outdoor cooking!

Cooking together over an open fire is a pleasant and fun way to spend time together. It's an experience you can do together with your colleagues, your group of friends and the management team.

By spending time in nature and experiencing it through all your senses, you create the best conditions for quality well-being. Cooking together also creates a strong sense of community. It is part of people's cultural heritage.

Example of a Menu

Grass-fed buffet (weed buffet):

  • Strawberry/mint lemonade

  • Resin soup. shot

  • Nettle pesto with crispbread

  • Butter fried nettles with breaded goat cheese

  • Roasted asparagus with dandelion leaves and cold smoked ham

  • Primal butter salad with smoked wild boar ham and herb sauce

  • Cherry cabbage bread sticks served with butter and cheese

  • Baked fresh berries in madeira with mascarpone cream garnished with violets