Hunting Lithuania

Three days hunting in Lithuania

The hunting area is about 12 000Ha but divided into 4 different areas.
During the day they use about 10 people and about 10 dogs in the drives, after each drive they have a search group, so we hunt on. In Lithuania they run larger drives during the day, 3-5 per day, lunch in the forest.

The hunting offer includes:
During the 3 days of hunting, 10 red deer are included and then it is only mature big deer, like from 6 kg and up.
10 red deer, 25 hinds and calves 5 horned fallow deer.
Unlimited on Roe Deer, Wild Boar, Wolves (if lucky enough to be with us), Foxes, Fallow Deer Hind and Calf.
Last year during a hunt, 43 wild boar and 18 deer were shot in three days during the hunt + deer and some foxes.

Accommodation Single room is possible.

Priset är pp från €2550 + båtresan med del i hytt, del i bil / minibuss tillkommer på ca 1800-2000:- per person.

Resan är fullbokad 2024


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