Fantastic Fishing at Brokamåla

Sweden's southernmost wilderness with exclusive angling in a natural environment

Here you can take part in exclusive and exciting fishing while enjoying the wonderful nature.
Här finns 30 sjöar, med exklusivt ädelfiske i naturlig miljö.

The record fish is 8,2 kg, caught by a guest from Ukraine in spring 2014 Congratulations!

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Vi tycker det är fantastiskt att så många trivs och njuter här hos oss, och om ni vill vara säkra på att få en helg som ni vill ha, så vänta inte att skicka en förfrågan på mejl!

Underbar fiske på Brokamåla Gård
Our fishing waters

Gatgylet / Rent lake

Gatgylet! A paradise for the soul..
The place where you can be undisturbed, and have a nice day together.
With a Total Relaxation.


Gatgylet special:

12 000 SEK per day + VAT
40kg fish included between 1.5-5kg


Day pass 750 SEK per person.
Rowing boat hire 300 SEK
550 SEK per person / day, if you rent a cottage.
2 fish per person / per day
Fish size between 1,5-5 kg

Aspegylet / Rent lake

Why not rent your own lake for a day? You can book Aspegylet just for your own company for a whole day. Invite work colleagues, friends, family for a nice day of fishing together.


Lake hire for groups

10 000 SEK per day + VAT
40 kg fish included between 1.5-3 kg

Ruden Lake

Why not spend a day/evening on beautiful Lake Ruden where Sjöstugan and Skogsstugan are located?


Ruden Lake

500:- per person / rowing boat included if you rent a cabin
2 fish per person / per day
The fish size between about 1.5-3 kg.

White water (clear water lake)

White water (Vitavatten), a big beautiful clear water lake, in the middle of the wilderness.
Here you can spend a full day for yourself, with your own barbecue area, boats and a small cottage.
Här finns öring, regnbåge, gädda abborre. Sjön kan abonneras för en dag.


White water

400:- per person.
Rowing boat hire 350 SEK
2 fish per person / per day
It is also possible to subscribe to the lake for a day, suitable for 10-15 people.
5 rowing boats are available.
Subscribe the lake for a full day 7000: - VAT will be added.


The Flystream is a nice little flowing river where you can easily walk along and just put your fly in the water, you can also subscribe to the entire stretch for your group of 15 people and be completely for yourself.



The fly stream is usually subscribed to a group, where both food and accommodation are included. Contact us for a package price with accommodation, food and fishing at Flugströmmen.

Book fishing and cottage at Brokamåla

Call or email us! Make sure you book early to secure your preferred date.

Fishing rules at our fishing waters

  • Fishing without a fishing licence is not permitted.
  • Only 1 rod per / fisherman / card may be used.
  • Only traditional fishing with spinners, fly fishing with fly rod, fly reel, fly line and 1 fly allowed.
  • Catch quota is 2 salmonids per day licence.
  • Release is permitted under ethical conditions.
  • Fish must not be injured, bleeding or brought ashore to be released.
  • Fish to be released must be unhooked in the water.

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